First Aid Kit @ The Olympia Theatre

First Aid Kit at The Olympia Theatre, Dublin – September 18th

Red smoke billowed around the stage as the audience waited in anticipation for Swedish act First Aid Kit and their country-folk sounds. Jo Rose was the chosen one to support their European tour. His chilled out, country-folk style songs went down well.  When Klara and Johanna Söderberg stepped out to greet the crowd, a theatrical, smokey blizzard swept around them, and to say ‘the atmosphere was electric’ would be an understatement.Opening to enormous cheers, they played ‘Stay Gold’, also the name of their third and latest album. The Nordic sisters looked beautiful, draped in bronze-gold outfits. Although some nerves were evident, it was clear they wanted to entertain and give a strong performance.  ‘Blue’ and ‘King of the World’ followed with such sweet, sultry harmonies – luring us all into their world. Once they reached new record ‘Waitress Song’, they had relaxed into the spirit of the night, never missing a note or a chord for a moment. ‘Shattered and Hollow’ was simply gorgeous. Klara was looking around, soaking up the massive appreciation of their music from the crowd.

Then the song ‘Cedar Lane’ came along. What a game changer! This is an incredible song to listen to because there is a Dylan-esque quality and distortion during the line “Something good will come out of this”. The ending “How could I break away from you” has an enigmatic harmony that takes your breath away, simply stunning.

Heading banging like a swan, Johanna was swinging her hair and body around her keyboard, while Klara walked around jammin
g with the backing musicians. Klara said “hello” up and down the theatre and they showed deep appreciation for their support musicians Melvin Duffey (slide guitar) and Nicholas Lindstrom (drums). ‘Love Interruption’ set the house on fire as they danced and sang amidst red smoke and sparkling lights.

‘Ghost Town’ was performed acoustically with no microphones, and ‘My Silver Lining’ raised the roof with the entire venue singing with them. There were so many amazing songs performed on the night, but ‘Cedar Lane’, ‘My Silver Lining’ and ‘The Lions Roar’ were outstanding. They left briefly, but quickly returned to screams of delight for some more songs and ended powerfully on ‘Emmylou’.

First Aid Kit performed perfectly – these two young Nordic ladies are full of sublime talent and enchanting to experience live. A night to remember.

Review by Aine Byrne
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