Marissa Nadler @ The Button Factory

Marissa Nadler @The Button Factory, Dublin – Friday 6th September 2014

Marissa Nadler is a American folk musician based in Boston. Nadler began her performing career in 2001 after writing songs for many years and studying Illustration at Rhode Island School of Design. She plays six and twelve string guitar, piano, ukelele, banjo. Her vocal range is haunting, and she works alongside other musicians to execute her sound.

Nadler’s music is described as ‘otherworldly’ and often lands within the ‘Dream Folk’ and ‘American Gothic’ realm of music. She is a highly prolific artist with six studio albums and her latest album contribution, ‘July’, was released earlier in 2014 via Bella Union.

In Dublin venue The Button Factory, Nadler was like a vision standing over us, dressed in a beautiful red dress with her long hair billowing down her sides. Plucking on her acoustic guitar, she captured our imaginations, as interference and smoke enveloped her. Her voice is more haunting live, while she played alongside Janel Leppin, whose sweet vocal, cello and synth added an exquisite texture to Nadler’s sound.

Overall, the set was dominated by Nadler’s new album, which sweeped us off our feet into her world of poetry and fables. Just as we were getting into the mood and swaying along, she ended her set due to a broken guitar string, quickly exiting the stage, to our surprise and even Leppin. We called for an encore, but the lights dimmed and Nadler had downed tools.

Short and sweet, a pleasant night of ghostly, ethereal songs from Marissa Nadler, who would have benefited from a seated venue. Songs worth listening to off her new album are ’1923′ and ‘Dry’. A soundtrack for those who enjoy gothic songs of love, yearning, heartbreak and the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe.

Review by Aine Byrne

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