Vann Music @First Fortnight

The Button Factory – Saturday, January 11th 2014

Vann Music, since the release of their debut EP in June 2013, have rocked out several festivals Longitude, Castlepalooza, Electric Picnic to name a few, and sold out venues throughout Ireland along with their energetic and electro-rock sounds receiving rave reviews.

First Fortnight’s finale gig was held in association with, a not-for-profit website created by young people for young people, aiming to promote general wellbeing and healthy living. Having played the Ones to Watch Festival the previous night, Vann Music were headliners last night over the amazing ‘Heathers’, awe inspiring ‘Come On Live Long’ (with their old music lecturer Jim Clarke on Trombone) and youthful ‘The Academic’.  After Heathers set, many thought the night had ended, which led to many exiting the building, leaving an uncanny gap between the band and the crowd, just how would the band perform under this circumstance?

During the opening song it was clear the pressure was on, but as the band moved on every song was played to perfection. Extraordinarily competent, yet at first the crowd seemed hesitant to get in with the spirit of things. As the band continued hammering out their anthems for songs, the crowd quickly realized they were in the face of a new and raw sound (surely many in the crowd have not heard of the band before), as they’re still so super new. By the end of the night, people just got lost in their sounds, which was cool to see this, and there was some serious dancing, rocking out, gospel singing from some of ‘The Dublin Gospel Choir’ members, with even some capoeira moves thrown in by the crowd.

All in all, it ended up being a fantastic gig by Vann Music; their songs are just excellent live. If they take more ownership of the crowd and talk a little to individual fans, or tell us how songs came about, this would add more to their shows. We want to know more than what we read online. With a debut album expected in the coming 12 months, this hopefully will help towards the live gigs around the album, and I really do look forward to seeing Vann Music again.

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Review by Aine Byrne

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