Castlepalooza – ONES TO WATCH

casztlepalooza 2013Most on the list here are relatively unheard of acts prior to Castlepalooza, so here are a few newbies I saw at the jam packed weekend and liked. I wrote full reviews about each day at Castlepalooza and these are over at music website

SOAK – Vodafone Main Stage

Derry born singer-songwriter SOAK is so small and yet managed to shock us all, capturing mine and everyones heart. Soak is un-simply, simple – it’s just her haunting voice and her haunting guitar. SOAK so young, so talented. Listen to the song below because SOAK’s one to watch.

Vann Music – Metro Stage

Don’t be put off by the logo, the live performance that the VM guys pulled off cannot be ignored. Electro pop band Vann Music from Dublin instantly connected with the crowd. Aaron Smyth sounds like “Bono”, but it just works okay. Vann Music has got something going on fusing French House and Electro. Vann Music are absolutely, without a shadow of doubt ones-to-watch!

Floor Staff
– Metro Stage

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous music. Just listen to “The Guest” and you’ll know what I mean.

Overhead, the Albatross – Metro Stage

Hailing from Kildare and Dublin, the post rock-experimental act played their instrumental guitar and drum finery to the perfect response at Castlepalooza, sounding similar to “God Speed You Black Emperor” and “The Butterfly Explosion”. Overhead, the Albatross did really well and captivated us. Try to catch them live before they move on to bigger things

Further listening…more like my guilty pleasures! The songs below are from Irish acts that were more established or have been noticed prior to Castlepalooza:

Girls Names

Benny Smiles

Last Days of 1984

I heard these guys while standing in a hour long queue and will be investigating them soon.


By Áine Byrne
In association with


Culturevult was there!

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