Tieranniesaur – Whelan’s, Dublin
DIYSCO Album Launch | Gig Review

Written By Áine Byrne 

Tierranniesaur - New Album DIYCSO - Launch ReviewTieranniesaur’s ship landed to a full house in Whelan’s last Friday 10th May, promoting their second album DIYSCO via Popical Island. Carefully selected supporting act Cave Ghosts opened the night creating a quaint, whimsical atmosphere with their sugary 60’s influenced indie-pop tunes, it was a joy to experience their authenticity visually. In the corner red lights shone across Tieranniesaurs propaganda style album artwork.

Taking to the stage like the calm before the storm, Tieranniesaur eased the crowd in with two slow and spacey new tunes. Musical time travel is evident throughout the first part of the set, the band have clearly been experimenting with styles influenced by various decades and genres for example – Euro Disco, Afro-Pop, Hip-Pop, Psychedelic-Funk with a warped and space-age edge.

Deep afro-esque bass, alt-funk and wonky electro forms the basis of new work No Big Deal and Is This Still The Future? Maro Rides the Wave is an up-beat electro pop-funk tune with a seriously swanky bass. Here Be Monsters an irresistible older tune, was a welcome addition; the crowd were putty in Tierney’s lush, powerful vocals. Stand out tunes selected from the new album for the performance were Love Makes a Frightening Sound, The Changeling and DIYSCO. All of Tieranniesaurs lyrics tend to be rather playful and straight to the point – for example in Looking up the Skirts of Giants: “I’m not your mother, I’m not your sister…I’m not your nurse and I’m not your secretary”.

As the night evolved there were many mysterious ‘alacazam moments’: the Sax player joining in for Looking up the Skirts of Giants was a great touch and the hooded male speaker for Azure Island really added to the voyage. During In Sargassothe bass player Ian McFarlane (Squarehead) electrified us with that outstanding pointed bass solo, that turquoise sequin dream coat and those gyrating grooves. Personally, I think the Euro-disco harmonies of DIYSCO by the ladies – Annie Tierney, Sara Goulding and Sal O’Halloran are really impressive and quirky, however it was a pity that the venues sound couldn’t go the distance at times.

A seven strong cohort with guests, each and every member are highly talented multi-musicians. The band although quiet upbeat and very good live, their on stage presence is quite complex and messy at times – which is their trademark, but one cannot help but notice that some band members appear to be slightly overshadowed.

Overall the years of building and shaping DIYSCO have paid off, Tieranniesaur ‘took us to infinity and beyond’ bar some sound difficulties they gave a great performance. For fans of indie-pop, this album is absolutely not to be missed, it is available on 12” vynil, cd and digital download in Ireland and through Soft Power records in the UK. You can listen and groove into space with Tieranniesaur on their Soundcloud page.

Written By Áine Byrne 
In association Dublinconcerts.ie


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